Stanley, Inc.

Continuum Capital v. Nolan, et. al., No. 5687-VCL (Delaware Court of Chancery, February 3, 2011). In certifying The Brualdi Law Firm, P.C. as counsel for the settlement class in a shareholder class action litigation, the Delaware Court of Chancery, Vice Chancellor Laster Presiding, noted as follows:
“Counsel is experienced in matters of this type and has been a plaintiff’s counsel in many cases in this jurisdiction and elsewhere. In fact, this case was vigorously litigated, as I’ve discussed.
* * * *
Again, there is a lot to commend you for here, Mr. Brualdi. .. [Y]ou actually relitigated this thing. You took depositions. You really went after it. You got good disclosures. I mean, there’s a lot — as I say, as a reviewing judge, there’s a lot to look at and say, “Mr. Brualdi and his team did a good job on this one.”