[The Brualdi Law Firm, P.C.] appear[s] to be experienced and well-qualified class-action attorneys. The substantial work that Plaintiff’s counsel has performed in investigating, litigating and reaching a settlement in this case demonstrates their commitment to the class and representing the class’s interest, as well as their general ability to conduct this litigation.

The Honorable Margo K. Brodie
United States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York

The fact that everybody [] put a lot of time and effort into [the Action] and resolved the matter [was] pretty darned good and a good indication of a couple of things. Number one is very competent counsel. Number two is the fact that [] all [counsel got] along decently, even though [they were in] an adversarial situation.

The Honorable John Thornton, Jr.  
Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida

Thank you for your hard work on behalf of your respective clients. It benefits not just your respective clients but society as a whole.

The Honorable James Hudson
Justice of the Supreme Court of New York for Suffolk County

Counsel is experienced in [securities litigation] and has been a plaintiff’s counsel in many cases in [the Delaware Court of Chancery] and elsewhere.

Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster
Delaware Court of Chancery

[The Brualdi Law Firm] is eminently qualified to handle [securities class action] cases … 

The Honorable Paul Innes
Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey for Mercer County

. . . Mr. Brualdi, you’ve done a wonderful job [representing a plaintiff in a securities class action matter].

The Honorable Barry LaBarbera
Judge of the Superior Court of California for San Luis Obispo County